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Good habits that last a lifetime

Private Training

Private lessons are designed to guide you through our 4 Phase Fundamental Program. 

These private dog training lessons cover: puppy behavior training, dog behavior training, dog obedience training, and more! 

With each lesson you’ll be one step closer to the dog of your dreams!

Training Camp

During training camp, your dog will complete the Four Phase Fundamental Dog Training Program.

At dog training camp, your dog will learn to…

  • Patiently wait for everything (food, attention, etc…)
  • Walk politely on the leash
  • Come when called no matter the distraction
  • Properly socialize with people and dogs
  • Consistently make better decisions
  • and so much more!

At the end of training camp you’ll be fully equipped to maintain the perfect companion!

Online Training

These courses are designed to walk you step by step through Yoni’s Four Phase Fundamental Dog Training Program.

You’ll have access to the videos for life!

This is as close as it gets to working with dog behavior expert, Yoni Kachlon, if you aren’t able to work with him in person!

Our online dog training course is broken up into easy to understand videos for you to start taking action right away!

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