Relationship Based
Online Dog Training

Our online training course was designed to take you step by step through the same training program Yoni uses with dog’s and their owners in person.

From the Fundamentals of Communication to Ultimate Off Leash Reliability, this program covers it all!

Yoni’s positive and practical approach to Online Dog Training has helped owners all over the world share the relationship they’ve always dreamed of with their dog!

Due to the recent events the entire world is going through, training your dog from home may be the safest option! Please take advantage of this coupon code as well as the FREE facetime session that goes along with this program to ensure you and your dog(s) can be at peace during these tough time!


ALL 4 Phases

199.99 $ One Time Payment
  • Phase 1: Establishing a Relationship Based on Clear Communication, Boundaries, & Mental Exercise
  • Phase 2: Fundamentls Leash Training & Obedience
  • Phase 3: Fundamental Off-Leash Training Drills (ALWAYS Come When Called)
  • Phase 4: Advanced Off-Leash Drills & Games to Continue to Strengthen the Relationship!
  • 30 Minute Facetime Session to Answer All of Your Questions
70% off!

fundamentals of canine communication
4 phase training program

Phase 1

This phase is designed to change the way your dog looks at you, so you can effectively create rules and structure for a healthy relationship.

It will breakdown the Fundamentals of Canine Communication. Complete with exercises to guide you step by step through the first Phase of your training

It’s very important NOT to skip this phase.

phase 2

This phase is designed to walk you step by step through the Leash Training Fundamentals. You and your dog will learn to communicate with the language of the leash!

This phase will also take you step by step through all the on leash obedience training exercises

phase 3

This is where we take everything you learned in Phase 2 and begin to apply it without the leash.

This course will take you through all the do’s and don’ts of off leash training and how you can apply it to your daily life.

Phase 4

This is where it all comes together!

All the training you’ve been working on is taken to the next level in this course.

We’ll go over how to make sure your dog is reliable off the leash under ANY distraction. Ultimate off leash reliability is the key to a happy healthy relationship with your dog.

It not only gives you the peace of mind in knowing they’ll always listen, but allows them to be included in your every day life activities!

why wait? Grab your leash and sign up today!

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