Training Camp

Give your dog a fresh start by bringing them to our home away from home. here in our calm, controlled, loving environment they will learn the fundamentals of our program – Focus, Patience, & Self Control.

We train the to be great listeners, all while developing good habits that last a lifetime!

Your dogs will learn that their choices matter, how to walk properly on the leash, how to be polite around people, how to socialize, off leash reliability, impulse control and so much more!

We want them to not only learn these concepts, but to practice them every day until they are so ingrained that they do them without any direction. Similar to humans, once we’ve spent enough time developing a new skill, it becomes a habit!

We believe that our unique transitioning process sets our program apart from the rest! Our training camp includes drop off and follow up sessions to ensure all owners have everything they need to continue to see amazing progress.

It’s important that your dog listens and behaves for YOU, not just us!

INCLUDED with every program:

  • A plan complete with personalized instructional videos to keep you on track after the training camp is completed
  • A 30 minute drop off session on the first day of the program to go over all concerns, questions, and behaviors that you may still have
  • A 2-4 hour go home session on the last day of the program to learn how to maintain the progress your dog has made
  • 1 in home session about 2-4 weeks after the program is completed to help you with anything you may still be struggling with
  • 6 Group Training sessions to help maintain good habits in a controlled environment
  • A new leash, collar, and a mini educator e collar

*In home sessions that are outside of the Greater Phoenix area will be substituted with a Skype/Facetime Session.

Two Week Program

This program is geared toward giving you a jump start on the fundamentals! Dogs without severe behavior issues and puppies 4 months and older will benefit the most from this program. 

Four Week Program

This is our most popular program! Four weeks gives us enough time to really set habits in place. All the fundamentals that are covered in the first two weeks get taken to the next level of distraction. This also allows us enough time to work through behavioral problems at your dogs pace.

Six Week Program

While we all know six weeks is a long time to leave your puppy, this amount of time gives us the opportunity to teach good habits that last a lifetime! This program is designed for all puppies and dogs with a variety of training needs!

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