Initial-Session: What to expect?

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Here at Balancing Paws we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and mastering the basics. It’s important to have a solid foundation of communication in order to make serious progress toward your dog training goals.

That’s where the Initial Session comes in!

We’ll go over positive and practical exercises to help your dog develop what we believe to be the foundation to a successful training program: Focus, Patience, & Self Control.

During this session, you’ll be meeting with one of our World-Class trainers to go over all of your dog training goals. Our main focus is to give you a better understand of WHY your dog is displaying any undesirable behaviors, then start to address them head on!

You’ll see some amazing results in this first session, whether your main focus is keeping your dog from jumping on guests, or walking on the leash around other dogs. Our facility is equipped to help you reach all your dog training goals!

By the end of this session we’ll help you come up with a game plan to see long term success toward your training goals. Whether you decide to continue working with us in a private or a group setting, or you decide to tackle the training with everything you’ve learned during your Initial-Session.

No matter what your goals or struggles might be, the first step is setting up your Initial Session.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

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