Good Habits That Last a Lifetime

Balancing Paws Dog Training offers World Class Dog Training and Rehabilitation Programs in Scottsdale & surrounding areas. We believe it’s important to teach our dogs how to behave in all real world settings, so we can allow them to thrive as our companions.

With one of the highest success rates in Arizona, we not only get the best results for your dogs, but we are able to break down the process with our 4 Phase Fundamental Training Program.

Our positive and practical approach will help develop good habits that last a lifetime!

Whether your dog is a puppy, biting, acting fearful, pulling on the leash, aggressive, anxious, or you just want to create a better relationship, our training programs focus on training you, the handler and your dog.

Private Training

Private lessons are designed to guide you through our 4 Phase Fundamental Program. With each lesson you'll be one step closer to the dog of your dreams!

Training Camp

During training camp, your dog will complete the Four Phase Fundamental Program. At the end of training camp you'll be fully equipped to maintain the perfect companion!

Online Courses (Under Construction)

These courses are designed to walk you step by step through the Four Phase Fundamental Program. The course is broken up into easy to understand videos for you to start taking action right away!

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