Balancing Paws Dog Training offers World Class Dog Training and Rehabilitation Programs in Scottsdale & surrounding areas. 

We believe it’s important to teach our dogs how to behave in all real world settings, so we can allow them to thrive as our companions.

With one of the highest success rates in Arizona, we’re usually the last stop for most dog owners who have tried just about everything!

We not only get the best results for your dogs, but we are able to break down the process for YOU, with our 4 Phase Fundamental Training Program.

Our positive and practical approach will help develop good habits that last a lifetime!

Whether you need puppy behavior training, dog behavior training, your dog is biting, acting fearful, pulling on the leash, aggressive, anxious, or you just want to create a better relationship, our training programs focus on training you, the handler and your dog.

Check out our training programs, and feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you might have!



Yoni just started working with us and our newly adopted dog today. We are already seeing fantastic results and very happy that Karen from 2darescue recommended him:) We are looking forward to our future sessions! Highly recommend
I have known Yoni for years. He has trained my personal dogs and the dogs of many of my clients. His intuition with animals combined with the excellent training he has had make him one of Arizona's premier trainers. Whether it is teaching your new puppy manners or your "old dogs" new tricks or even correcting inappropriate behaviors- Yoni is the one to call. He is first class all the way !!
Our English bulldog and pug started fighting what seemed like out of nowhere and Balancing Paws not only helped us fix that behavior but helped us completely transform our pups all around! Our pups have self control, can walk on a leash, stay in their place, and so much more. We are so THANKFUL! Can’t recommend enough!
Yoni's expert training has had a huge impact on our adopted dog Buddy. When we first got him, he had a hard time interacting safely with new people, and would totally lose it on walks when seeing other dogs. We had to cross the street whenever we saw another dog walker coming, and even then he would continue barking and lunging. Buddy was a very teachable dog otherwise, but he was totally unreachable when met with these distractions. In the past we'd worked once with a different trainer and attended Petsmart classes, but ultimately those experiences lead to very little lasting change.

Finally, we hired Yoni/Balancing Paws on a recommendation from friends with an even tougher dog. We've worked with Yoni several times in the past year - at his house, at ours, and at group classes. Every session resulted in big improvements that have lasted. We are doing things with Buddy that we used to think might never be possible. In the past several months, Buddy has experienced a lot of firsts: hiking, hanging out with us on bar patios, dealing with contractors coming in and out of the house frequently, meeting strange people and dogs in public, going to a crowded dog park and even making friends, reliable off leash walking, and impeccable loose leash walking.

Yoni's approach has also been the simplest and most straightforward of the training we've tried. In contrast to other methods, Yoni's was mostly non-verbal, and was more about cultivating habits than teaching commands. As a result, Buddy's temperament is more relaxed and in control in every situation. "Focus, patience, and self control" as written by Yoni, is exactly what we've experienced with our dog - more responsive to us, and much less reactive to others.
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